How TELEHEALTH for Opioid Addiction Works

Opioid Treatment at Houston Suboxone Center can be accomplished in the privacy of your own home. The process consists of just a few simple steps:

STEP 1 - TELEHEALTH Consultation

To begin treatment, all patients must attend a TELEHEALTH appointment with a healthcare professional through our office. Be certain to inform medical personnel if you have any pre-existing medical or psychiatric conditions.

Visits are virtual using a phone, tablet device or computer which features a camera and microphone for a video session.

STEP 2 - Receive a Prescription

Houston Suboxone Center providers typically prescribe bupenorphine-naloxone (SUBOXONE® brandname), which decreases withdrawal symptoms or cravings and ideally eliminates the use of illicit opioids.  Eligible patients may be prescribed their first dose after the initial consultation.

STEP 3 - Follow-Up Visits

Patients are seen by a Nurse Practitioner on a weekly basis for the first 4 - 6 weeks of treatment, therafter transitioning to monthly appointments. Once our healthcare providers are confident that a patient is properly maintained on the medication, the patient can be transitioned to bi-monthly appointments.

STEP 4 - Regular Testing

Prior to each appointment with a healthcare provider, patients are required to undergo a presumptive drug test. Tests are performed with a 12-panel urinalysis or oral swab test provided to patients after their inital appointment through the mail. The process is monitored by a medical assistant and is an additional intervention in which a Houston Suboxone Center staff member can check in with the patient.

STEP 5 - Therapy Services

You can expect to take part in regular therapy offerings of your choosing.  Some patients choose to attend weekly online recovery groups led by a licensed counselor, or receive one-to-one counseling sessions with a therapist.


Houston Suboxone Center treats patients suffering from opioid addictions throughout Houston including Northside, Neartown - Montrose, University Place, East Downtown, Midtown, the Woodlands, Kingwood, Greater Heights, Cinco Ranch, Sugarland and other areas.